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kisses ranked from worst to best

- every time i’ve kissed a boy to stop him saying or doing something awful that will make me embarrassed to have kissed them
- a night i went to a party with a boy and all his uni friends and i was sixteen and precious and wore too much eyeliner got very drunk because my feelings were hurt and there was kissing for a bit but then quiet arguing and shouting and he called me a cunt and i was miles from home surrounded by people i didnt know so i just kept on kissing him because i didn’t know what else to do
- when i was fourteen and drunk on wkds i took a boy’s kiss virginity, afterwards i hid from him in the utility room and he started crying
- at a party a boy lunged at me without any warning after i’d just taken a sip of my drink and i was so surprised i spat beer into his mouth
- i’d just started seeing this boy and we were going to bed so the lights were off and we were kissing for like five minutes and then in dead silence i took out my sleep retainer and you could hear the suction as it left my teeth
- boy kissed a bruise on my back i’d gotten from having sex against the door handle
- the night i met my first proper boyfriend and he walked me home from a party even though it was in the opposite direction from his house and we kissed goodbye outside fleetville bus stop and i remember very clearly walking home smiling and listening to homecoming by kanye
- a couple of years ago a boy was leaning against my kitchen counter and making me laugh lots and i put my hands on his shoulders for leverage and kissed him and it was the first time i’d ever instigated a kiss with someone and i could feel him smiling
- i honestly have had too many good kisses with girls to count but from what i can gather girls are better kissers and more gentle and kissing them is lots more fun
- drunk with my best friend butterfly kissing and we kept laughing
- every single kiss goodbye i’ve had at a bus/coach/train station where you have had the best time with that person and it is so bittersweet cos now your heart feels so achey and heavy
- sitting in my living room on a dining chair and boy knelt down in my front of me looked at me for a bit and kissed my nose very sweetly!
- sunday afternoon in bed with boy and he was laughing at something i’d said that i’m pretty sure was a joke about duncan from blue and he was cupping my face and stroking my hair and said “oh what am i supposed to do when you look like that” which sounds corny written out but in the moment it wasnt and then he kissed me
- i left a party early because a boy was not paying me enough attention, came back half an hour later to kiss someone else in front of said boy and then left immediately after and it’s still my best moment to date
- lying side by side and touching fingertips and then holding hands and then faces and this built up tension because you both know you are going to kiss eventually so you have all of these expectations and frustrations and everything happens so slowly until eventually you erupt like a SMOOCH volcano and it is like a tingle and an ache the only thing you want to replace that feel with is more kisses

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